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An ideal teacher

       Teacher is the most important person for every body on the earth. A person is very lucky if he/ she finds a good teacher. In my view, an ideal teacher should have some good personalities such as be dedicated for the job, be patience, always finds initiative to learn more and has good interpersonal skill.
     Firstly, an ideal teacher should be dedicated for his/her job. Teacher should always reach school in time. Teacher should always have willing to work hard without any complain and bored. As we know, teacher nowadays has many works to do because there are more subjects to teach and more paper works to do. The career as a teacher is more challenging now. An ideal teacher must overcome these types of challenging confidently.
    Patience is one of the important characteristic that should equipped by every teacher. Teacher should never lose their patience in class when students ask questions repeatedly. Teacher should explains each aspect of the topic in the easiest way for the students. If the students did something wrongly, teacher should also be patience to guide them to the right way.
     Besides that, an ideal teacher should has their own initiative to learn more. The world changes very fast and the students are exposed with many information through internet. An ideal teacher should also be a modern teacher. He/ she needs to have initiative to learn more, especially about the computer’s knowledge. Otherwise, the students certainly will more outstanding than teacher in a short time.
     Interpersonal skill is a skill on how to connect with relationships between people. An ideal teacher should have a good interpersonal skill. As we know, teacher always need to due with people like students, parents, officers from district education department, schools’ workers and even the publics. Teacher must know how to communicate with them to establish good relationship.
     These are the qualities which should present in an ideal teacher. To  sum up, an ideal teacher should equip him/herself with the good personalities that I mentioned above. Hopefully, with an ideal teacher, our students will enjoy their school life and learn more knowledge from the teacher.


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